Manchester’s go-to spot for fast, authentic Asian street food

Our Culture

Open late night. Come hang with us. #SendEm

Sister restaurant to Birch on Elm, Noodz is a fast casual restaurant in the heart of downtown Manchester, New Hampshire serving ramen noodles, bao buns, dumplings, rice bowls, and more, including some seriously sweet sweets. We also offer an array of canned craft beers. Open late night. Come hang with us. #SendEm

Our Menu

Traditional Ramen and Bao Buns

Noodz serves ramen noodles, bao buns, dumplings, rice bowls, and more.

Our Ramen

Rich, slow-simmered stock and homemade noodles

Each bowl of ramen is made with delicious homemade noodles. Chicken. Pork. Brisket. Veggie. You want it, we got it. Plus, you can add dumplings or extra noodz to your order.



Nashville hot chicken bao bun? Yeah, we got that, along with three other speciality baos made from simple white bread dough and milk powder. Steamed, not baked. Simple ingredients made magical in our own kitchen.

Durkish Delights

Opening Reception: March 7, 2020 7PM-2AM

Mike Durkee aka Durkish Delights is an interdisciplinary artist from the Lakes Region in New Hampshire. His career spans over a decade with a portfolio full of different mediums.

In 2008 Mike left the US to work in South Korea. During his time abroad he launched a successful travel vlog that lead to an array of different creative opportunities.

“It was crazy how fast my vlog took off. I started modest, simply wanting to share my experience and perspective with family and friends back home. Suddenly I was getting recognized in public, taking selfies with fans, speaking at events, directing music videos and landing spots on commercials.”

Currently Mike resides with his wife and children in Alton, New Hampshire and works out of his home studio. His current body of work is created by combining found images with his own illustrations.

“I’m kind of an obsessive collector of old books, trinkets, toys and other oddities. One of my favorite pieces in the collection is a baby cobra trapped in a tiny whiskey bottle. I bought it in Cambodia from this lady in a parking lot outside of the Killing Fields.”

Noodz first began collaborating with Durkish Delights in October 2019 for our mural in the dining area. We are thrilled to have him as our first featured artist in our new gallery space.

Check out Mike on Instagram @durkishdelights

COVID-19 Update

After continuing to follow the spread of COVID-19, it has become increasingly evident to us that to stay open any longer would be swimming against the current of the current social responsibility that we all have. Noodz will be closed indefinitely so that we can encourage our employees and customers to stay home. Hopefully this will help make the time frame that it is necessary as short as possible.

After a few weeks we hope that our employees can practice social distancing to a point that we can get out into the community to volunteer until we can serve you all again. Please continue to follow us on our social media platforms and on our website so that we can update you all. We appreciate what you’ve done for us in the past year and we look forward to your continued patronage after we tackle this crisis together. Take care of yourselves and those around you. Do your part so that we can do ours.


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